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Our Vision
"Our Vision is to build a revolutionary data driven decision platform that will help technicians, managers and decision-makers make the best decision possible given their own intelligence + artificial intelligence"
Who we are
Ebisu provides enterprise the ability to make better decisions, based on past experience + improve them with ML/DQN* Intelligence, predict optimal configurations, measure decision impact , share and enhance them
* ML - Machine learning
  DQN - Deep Learning / Reinforcement learning
What we believe

We have interesting problems to solve due to our unique business model and need bright people to tackle them. We start with problems and work collaboratively on the right solutions.


It's not just being smart that makes you a good fit. Kindness is a huge part of how well our teams work together. Starting the day with a team you connect with is "critical to our success".


We value meaningful results that are driven by autonomy and bias-to-action. Those who are self-motivated, aim to finesse their skills, and make a difference thrive in our environment.

Come Work with Us!
We’re a diverse team dedicated to building great products, and we’d love your help.
Do you want to build amazing products with amazing peers? Join us!
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