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Our Culture

We have interesting problems to solve due to our unique business model and need bright people to tackle them. We start with problems and work collaboratively on the right solutions.


It's not just being smart that makes you a good fit. Kindness is a huge part of how well our teams work together. Starting the day with a team you connect with is "critical to our success".


We value meaningful results that are driven by autonomy and bias-to-action. Those who are self-motivated, aim to finesse their skills, and make a difference thrive in our environment.

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Srinivasa Lakshminarayan,
Co-Founder & CTO

19 years of experience in delivering e2e next generation tech transformation projects and innovation. Over the years, Sri has led several strategic projects for TESCO, PAYBACK, VISTEON etc. Sri has extensive understanding of automation landscape with focus on emerging area like Ontology, Knowledge graph, DQN, RL. Sri holds Ex.MBA from IIMC. Domain experience includes Retail, Banking and process manufacturing

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Gurunathan Ramachandran,
Co-Founder & Director

Guru, as he is popularly known in the business circles, has over 35 years of experience in Health Care Industry. He has handled diverse portfolios ranging from product planning, product launch strategy, demand creation and research. He has distinction of launching and establishing Indian Pharma major Micro-Labs Ltd, across 25 UAE and African countries. He is a key member on the consultant board of several leading multinational Pharma companies.

Sairam Jayaraman
Technical advisor, IISc

Sai has over 25 years of experience with a unique combination of technology and customer management experience in new technologies, application and Infrastructure Space. He has lead team at SIFY, IBM, DELL to deliver Smart Cloud, Enterprise solutions

Come Work with Us!
Mudit Kulshreshtha, Data Science advisor

PHD, Faculty Great Lakes Institute of Management

Mudit gets self motivated in solving common-day problems using technology innovations especially in the area of artificial intelligence, data discovery. He is a Practitioner of ML and Data Wangling. An ardent student of all pervasive influence of Big Data and digital disturbing business models

We’re a diverse team dedicated to building great products, and we’d love your help.
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